Exchange ActiveSync MFA


Exchange ActiveSync is the component of the Microsoft Exchange server that allows users to synchronize their Exchange information (inbox, subfolders, calendar, contacts,) with their mobile device such as smart phones and tablets.

DualShield MFA for Exchange ActiveSync is a two-factor authentication solution that enhances the security of Exchange ActiveSync by adding a second factor authentication to the data synchronisation process. With DualShield MFA enabled, users can only access their Exchange emails and other information from their trusted and authorised devices.


DualShield MFA for Exchange ActiveSync is a zero-footprint, user friendly two-factor authentication solution for mobile users. The solution utilizes the device’s hardware ID as the second factor without installing any software on the end-user’s mobile device. Once a user’s device has been registered and approved, the second-factor authentication process over the data synchronisation is automatic and invisible to the user. In other words, the two-factor authentication process does not require user intervention. Therefore, it is not only very secure but also very user friendly.

Supports all clients

DualShield MFA for Exchange ActiveSync supports all ActiveSync clients running on Android and iOS devices, including native ActiveSync clients provided by Google, Apple, Microsoft and 3rd-party ActiveSync clients by independent developers and vendors.

Granular Control

DualShield provides a set of authentication and access control policies that enable granular administrative access control down to a user, device, group or unit. For instance, in a circumstance where a user or device needs to be exempted from two-factor authentication, the network administrator can put the user or device in the exception list.