Site Stamp

In today’s internet world, plagued with phishing sites, spyware and other forms of crimeware, not only must users prove their identities to the website, but the website must also prove its identity to the user, giving users the confidence that they are visiting a legitimate site and not a fraudulent site.

SiteStamp provides a simple yet effective way for users to sign or stamp websites that they trust. During the authentication process, SiteStamp presents users with their own personalised images – site stamps – to ensure that they are communicating with a genuine website that they can trust and not a phishing website.

Key Features

  • Secret Image The account holder can select from a library of tens of thousands of stock images or upload a personal picture. The image is secret to the account holder.
  • Personal Signature In addition, the account holder can sign the image with their own signature, doubling the security for the account holder.