Straightforward, advanced
Single Sign-on (SSO) for
cloud based & desktop apps.

DualShield is a system with many functions. It combines MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication) and SSO (Single Sign-On) in a unified platform. DualShield includes a single sign-on server for web and cloud applications, such as Outlook Web Access, SharePoint, Office365, Google Apps, Salesforce and any SAML enabled application. DualShield SSO enables users to sign on once then access multiple applications without additional logins.

Web/Cloud SSO

DualShield supports industry standards SAML 2.0 for web/cloud single sign-on. Users sign in once to a web/cloud application that is secured by DualShield, thereafter they can sign into other web/cloud applications without having to enter their credentials again.

Desktop SSO

DualShield also supports desktop to web/cloud single sign-on by leveraging Microsoft’s Integrated Windows Authentication. Users who have signed into their corporate network with their Windows credentials can sign into web/cloud applications secured by DualShield automatically without having to enter their credentials. This makes it easier for users at the office to securely access their web/cloud applications.

Integrated user experience to access all your apps

Your workforce relies on a variety of programs and platforms for productivity and to accomplish everyday tasks, and it can be difficult to provide on-demand access to these tools without compromising on security.  DualShield includes a single sign-on server for web and cloud applications which enables a streamlined login experience that’s backed by airtight information security.