Pre-programmed tokens are ready to be used out of box. Then can be easily and quicklly deployed to users by the system administrator without user’s involvement. That is why it is very popular, particularly in a large user base.

Pre-programmed tokens are supported by many popular MFA systems, such as Azure MFA (with Azure AD P1 or P2), OKTA, Duo etc

How it works

Every one-time password (OTP) token generates different and unique numbers, that is because every token is programmed with a unique piece of code called secret or seed. Pre-programmed tokens are programmed at factory, and cannot be re-programmed. Pre-programmed tokens come with a token file that contains the secrets of all of tokens. The customer’s system administrator will upload the tokken file onto their service account, such as Azure AD account, and assign tokens to their users. Once a token is assigned to a user, it is ready to be used by the user without further actions.

SafeID Classic

SafeID/Classic is a time-based, OATH/TOTP compliant one-time password token. Its classic & elegant design will never go out fashion.
(touch button on the front)

Technical Specifications

SafeID Mini

Measured at only 44 x 19 x 6.5 mm, SafeID/Mini is one of the smallest one-time password tokens in the world. It is time-based, OATH/TOTP compliant.
(touch button on the back)

Technical Specifications

SafeID Anytime

SafeID/Anytime is a button-less OTP token that displays one-time password on the screen at all times. It is time-based, OATH/TOTP compliant.
(no button, always on)

Technical Specifications

SafeID Pinpad