Cloud Security

For cloud or web applications, such as Office 365, Google Apps, Salesforce and any SAML enabled application, DualShield Single Sign-On (SSO) server acts as an identity provider that authenticates users and provides information used to authorise users.

When a user attempts to login to a DualShield protected cloud or web application, the request is automatically redirected to a DualShield SSO server. The DualShield SSO server parses the request, authenticates the user to an organisation’s AD/LDAP directory, and generates a SAML response to the cloud or web application. Once successfully verified, the user is automatically logged in to the application.

Key Features

  • Single Sign-on
    DualShidl SSO enables users to sign on once then access multiple applications without additional logins.
  • Versatile Authentication Methods
    As a part of the DualShield Unified Authentication Platform, DualShield SSO supports all types of authentications methods that the platform offers, from on-demand passwords, one-time password, certificate to biometrics.
  • Flexible Access Control
    DualShield provide a comprehensive set of policies such as Token Provisioning and Logon Policies that provides the flexibility for the system administrator to configure two-factor authentication on the level of application, group and user account.
  • Self-Service Portal A self-service portal is available for end users to request a variety of services, including requesting for replacement of lost or damaged tokens and issuing on-demand tokens for emergency access. The self-service console can dramatically reduce the call volume into the IT help desk because users are empowered to manage all aspects of their token lifecycles.

DualShield SSO for cloud and web authentication is one of many solutions in the DualShield Unified Authentication Platform which provides strong authentication, user administration, token management, access control and self-services in a single platform.