Despite the fact that PKI certificate technology has proven to be a secure, most enterprises have avoided deploying PKI solutions because it is complex, difficult to deploy, costly to maintain and not scalable.

DualShield utilizes PKI X.509v3 technology but avoids all the complexities and cost of PKI. The result is an authentication solution that is deployable, scalable and affordable.

Key Features

One of biggest challenges in PKI deployment is the difficulty in delivering the X.509 certificates to the end users. DualShield provides a self-registration service that enables users to request and install certificates without having to understand the nuances and complexities of private and public keys. The self-registration process is self-explanatory and requires no help desk support. Certificates can be easily deployed to the users’ machines within a few clicks.

DualShield’s certificate works with all popular web browsers, including Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Opera.

DualShield supports smart cards too. User certificates can be saved to and retrieved from smart cards.

DualShield has a build-in Certificate Authority that enables customers to issue their own certificates, saving them from running a third-party CA server.