SafeID Hardware Tokens

SafeID is a family of OATH hardware tokens in various form factors. SafeID tokens are widely used for multi-factor authentication by DualShield MFA users and many other popular MFA systems such as Azure MFA, OKTA and Duo.

In fact, SafeID hardware tokens are officially recommended by Microsoft as the alternative to the Microsoft Authenticator for Office 365 users, and being used by millions of users worldwide. If you are looking for OATH hardware tokens for Office 365 multi-factor authentication with Azure MFA, then click here for more details…

There are various types of OTP tokens.

  • From the technical point of view, there are TOTP (Time-based OTP) and HOTP (Event-based OTP) tokens.
  • From the operational point of view, there are pre-programmed tokens and programmable tokens.
  • From the form factor point of view, there are key fobs, cards and USB keys.

OTP Keyfobs

SafeID Classic

SafeID/Classic is a time-based, OATH/TOTP compliant one-time password token. Its classic & elegant design will never go out fashion.
(touch button on the front)

Technical Specifications

SafeID Mini

Measured at only 44 x 19 x 6.5 mm, SafeID/Mini is one of the smallest one-time password tokens in the world. It is time-based, OATH/TOTP compliant.
(touch button on the back)

Technical Specifications

SafeID Anytime

SafeID/Anytime is a button-less OTP token that displays one-time password on the screen at all times. It is time-based, OATH/TOTP compliant.
(no button, always on)

Technical Specifications